Types of Properties and 
Apartments in Austin Texas

What does a tax credit property mean to me! 
In a tax credit property, and there are many very nice ones, your income cannot exceed a certain amount or level. If your thinking along this line you should call us just to make sure your not over-qualified. Tax credit properties have to go through a compliance board and are often a little slow on getting you approved. If you have to move yesterday this is not a good idea. On the other hand if you can wait a week or ten days, these are excellent Austin apartments with great specials, and the prices can't be beat. Tax credit properties tend to be newer, especially in south Austin. Here's a *breakdown of your allowable income. *As of 2010, it may have changed. Call us for clarification

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Family size Income 
1 $ 29,880.00 
2 $ 34,140.00 
3 $ 38,400.00 
4 $ 42,660.00 
5 $ 46,080.00 
6 $ 49,500.00 

What is section 8 housing? 
Section 8 properties are government subsidized housing. Your lease is between you and The Housing Authority not the property you will be living on. You will be issued a voucher stating how much you qualify for. There are many properties that work with section 8 call me and I'll help you find the one that works for you. For more information about whether you qualify for section 8 check out the Housing Authorities website www.hacanet.org. 

What is senior housing? 
There are a number of Austin apartments that cater to senior citizens. They will have a minimum age requirement. In some properties its 55 years old, in others its 62 years old. These properties typically have amenities that older people would enjoy and zero maintenance.

What is a student property? 
Student properties cater almost exclusively to students. For the most part they are located around Riverside,Far West,Hyde Park  and the UT Campus. Typically they are older and usually very expensive. There are some new recently built properties that offer a semi dormitory style of living. They are extremely well priced for the Austin apartment market. (parents: take note) Because of the different universities in Austin there are many properties that are mixed, but cater to students. 

What is corporate housing? 
Many Austin apartments are reserved for corporate housing. There are also companies that specialize in placing people in this situation. In a nutshell your company rents ,usually short term, a place for you to live here in Austin Texas. Corporate housing is almost like staying in a hotel. Fully furnished, bills paid, even maid service. If your company is nice enough to do this for you, by all means jump on it. You will be living in the lap of luxury....and in Austin. Of course the drawback to corporate housing is its outrageously expensive. Most folks opt for a short term lease.  

What is a flat? 
Flats are single level apartments. They can be on any floor and in any size. This would describe many, if not most apartments in Austin. Many flats are designed for roommates. When you see MIL ..that means mother in law plan and the bedrooms will be separated by the living and dining areas. Flats are as varied as the apartment communities themselves. 

What is a condo, townhome or loft? 
Condos, townhomes and most lofts are built to higher construction standards than an apartment. Its a building code thing and adheres to strict guidelines. Typically they will have firewalls, thicker floors and thicker walls. The studs will be placed closer together. Basically speaking ,if it has condo specs it will be quieter and maybe a little more energy efficient depending on the age of the HVAC, than an apartment. There are a number of apartments in Austin that are built to condo specs.  

What is a studio efficiency? 
An efficiency is a single room that contains your bedroom, kitchen, and living space all in one area. Of course your bathroom will always be separate. Studios will always be the least expensive units in an apartment. They usually cost you more per square foot though. They are typically between 370 and 480 square feet. A couple of them around town include a stackable w/d in the unit. . 

What is a townhome? 
Townhomes are always 2 story homes. Typically you will see them in a row. They may or may not have yards or garages. There are townhome communities and townhomes in apartments. Apartment townhomes are typically 2 story and are within apartment communities

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Types of Properties and Apartments in Austin Texas