I only need a three month lease! 
No problem...on leases less than 6 or 7 months the apartments in Austin are going to hit you with a surcharge and also charge you full market rate. It can get a little expensive. I have some Austin apartments that don't do that. Either way I'll let you know your best move. 

I need a place month to month! 
There are a couple of Austin apartments that will do this for you. Almost all apartments for rent in Austin want a minimum 3 month lease.  

I need to move today and my credit is excellent! 
There are plenty of properties that can approve you in ten minutes. The problem starts when you get down there and find out you'll be living on the third floor overlooking the nuclear power plant. Or there's nothing actually available for two months out. We use apartment databases and can move much quicker than you can. Furthermore we know to ask about those little details. If your looking at those little apartment guides, understand tons of properties don't advertise in them. I assure you they are on our database.  

I need to move today and I have credit issues! 
In this situation it depends on what your issues are. Broken leases or background issues will kill most deals on the spot. There are plenty of properties that can get you approved quickly...but will they? If your rental history and background check out, I will have places that work with credit issues and can get you in. Don't try this at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon, but do call me, I can definitely help. 

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