What do Austin apartment locators do? 
We are licensed real estate agents who specialize in leasing apartments. We're paid by the properties and our services are 100% free to you. Apartment locators in Austin ,Texas know where the deals are. Who works with what issues and which Austin apartments  will have the best specials running on the day you want to look. If you are from out of town, we know all areas of Austin and can tell you the best places to live around Austin and back it up with facts. We're independent contractors working strictly on commission and we pay all our own expenses. We have a very specialized knowledge and we can save you're hard earned money, as well as your valuable time. 

Why should I use HomePlace Apartment Search to find my home ?
. We are full service and will guide you through the complex process of finding you the best deal on an apartment. It's your choice.  Either way our skills and knowledge of the properties will be an enormous benefit to you in finding that perfect place to live.  We are no pressure agents.

How do I work with an Austin apartment locator?
The first thing to do is either call me or submit an online form. Obviously I'm a big fan of the Internet, but full service is still the easiest and smartest way to find the best housing. With our knowledge of the properties and your desire to find the nicest place and get the best deal we make a good team. First we'll need to know your price range and whether you prefer north or south. (see map) with that information, along with suggestions, We usually make we come up with a geographic area for me to search. we often ask a few simple qualifying questions just to be sure we don't run into a problem (take the test) . I will also ask about floor preference, furniture, pets, etc.The we go to our databases, start calling the properties, ask other Austin apartment locators, check apartment faxes, until I have a list of suitable properties. We report back to you and we narrow it down to three to five properties. My inside knowledge of these properties is a huge benefit to you. Then you can come to the office or we'll meet you at the property and off we go. We do the introductions,  ask  all the right questions you may not know to ask, and in general make sure what you want and what the leasing agent is discussing are the same thing. In two or three hours and usually less... were done. Simple,simple simple and win/win. Unless you know exactly where you want to live, working without an Austin apartment finder is like stepping up to the plate without a bat. 

What apartment locators in Austin Texas cannot do? 
Austin apartment finders can only work with the information you give them. They are not judgmental, so it is very important for you to shoot straight. We simply need to know the particular facts of your situation so we can take you to the best places and get you the best Austin apartment deals. It is not our job to sell you... but to give you options. So...its very important for us to know what kind of problems, if any, we need to deal with. ALWAYS BE UPFRONT WITH YOUR LOCATOR. 

Can locators help everybody? 
No...we can help most people. Some folks just have to many issues to get into an apartment. Two broken leasesbad credit, a felony, a part time job with a temp agency and a rabid Pit Bull are more than most of us care to take on. (see All about individual owners

How do Austin apartment finders make their money? 
By escorting and sometimes sending you to the property and giving the leasing agent a guest card with your pertinent information on it. When you fill out the application there will be a line that says "How did you find us" put in my name along with the company I work for "Homeplace Apartment Search" We'll send them a bill and that's all there is to it. We prefer to escort people but sometimes We will send you to the property depending on the situation. 

Why do you ask me all these personal questions? 
We feel your pain here!...Don't take it personal though. The property will run a thorough check on you for credit, incomerental history, and a background check. We do you a disservice when we take you places you won't qualify for. We hate to see people lose their rental application fees.
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Austin Texas apartment locators and austin tx apartment finders. What they do, how they help you find apartment specials and the best deals

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Austin apartment locators 
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 What they do, how they help you find 
apartment specials and the best deals
Austin Texas apartment locators and austin tx apartment finders. What they do, how they help you find apartment specials and the best deals
Austin Texas apartment locators, austin tx apartment finders
What do Austin apartment locators do?