How much are the utilities going to cost me?
Of course that depends on your usage...but basically speaking newer properties in Austin are more energy efficient. Controllable thermostats, solar screens, newer HVAC, double pane windows. The savings in an A+ property can be substantial. Apartment utilities can be a serious hidden cost in properties, particularly duplexes and utility companies no longer pass usage information on to onsite's. Remember, in most Austin apartments you will have to pay electric and water and in many properties gas too. All Austin properties pay for pest control and a few pick up the water and or waste water and trash. Phone, cable and Internet are almost always on your nickel.If you live in the city limits of Austin you will most likely be paying TXU...if you live outside the city limits you will have a choice...if you owe a bill call me and I'll let you know what to expect 512-914-9221

How do I get my utilities hooked up?
Some properties allow you to do this from there apartment website....all Austin apartments will give you the phone numbers to the different utility companies before your lease signing. Most folks hook up their utilities the old fashion em up and get it done over the phone. Check out or to connect online. By the way your electric muire a deposit. Typically they will bill it to you.

Do Austin apartments allow satellites? What about cable?
Most Austin apartments allow you to have satellites. Remember you need to be facing south in order to get reception. They will expect you to get an insurance policy with up to $100,000 liability policy. That way, if your satellite blows over and knocks down one your house plants, they'll be covered. Seriously though, you'll need insurance. The good news is, its cheap. Most folks opt for cable. Whatever you decide to do go to our Helpful Numbers page to get company names, web sites, and phone numbers you'll need.

What about phones in Austin apartments?
Many people don't even use land lines anymore. You can also get phone service through Time Warner. Vonage is big and getting bigger. Visit the Helpful Numbers page to get all the information you need.

How do I find out about the schools for my kids?
Go to the Helpful Numbers page to view various ISD websites around Austin. Also check out ... it grades the schools. If you need to live close to a particular school, be sure and call me. I can cross reference schools from my database. 512-914-9221

What are some good Internet providers in Austin?
What would Austin be without good Internet connections? Find a list of Austin Internet providers on the Helpful Numbers page. Also check WIFI hotspots here... if you happen to be out and about and on a laptop. Schlotzky's, coffee houses all over town, the library, and other local establishments have free computers with Internet connections to use all the time.

  2008 UPDATE:
For your phone service, cable, satellite,Internet,and ISD websites and phone numbers check out the Helpful Numbers section.

Austin Apartments and Your Utilities
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