I've never rented before! 
Good...I can put you in just about any Austin apartment you want to live. You may have rental history and not really know it. If you have been living in a duplex for instance and paying half the rent but are not on the lease then your roommate is your landlord and you have rental history. If this is actually your first time to rent. Then  apartments in Austin will probably charge you a fairly small extra deposit are ask you to get a qualified co-signer. Your first apartment in Austin is a big decision. I can help you get your best deal so be sure and call me. 

I'm a student at the  University of Texas, St. Edwards University, or Austin Community College.
Most university students get in with a co-signer or guarantor. In the properties I like to show, it is also a zero application and zero deposit. Check out the student page  . Basically, your parents guarantee the rent. You fill out an application and they do as well. The qualifying criteria in student properties is not nearly as stringent  as non-student properties.

I'm not 18 yet! 
Legally speaking you can't be on a lease until your at least 18. You will have to get a roommate. Try these links if none of your friends are available.

I don't have a social security number! 
There are quite a few apartments in Austin that will work with this. Sometimes they will work with what is called a working social security. Others will work with a passport, visa or tax ID. Many properties are sensitive to immigrants legal or otherwise. You will have to have verifiable income and past rental never hurts. Call us

Do I need a co-signer? 
If you have absolutely no rental history, most apartments for rent in Austin Texas will require you to have a co-signer or put down an extra deposit, sometimes both. The co-signer will have to qualify to live at the property in the same way as you did. The difference is, typically a property will expect the co-signer to make 4-5 or more times the rent in income. Austin is full of properties that will work with first time renters so be sure and call me .I'll let you know what to bring and where the best deals are. 

Is this neighborhood safe? 
That is a fair housing questions. By federal law, neither myself, nor the onsite are allowed to answer that. Check out this site for up to date information on your neighborhood. City of Austin then click on police on the left. 

For Immediate Assistance 
Call 512-258-5200
Toll Free 888-217-5200

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