What Austin apartments are looking for on your application.

Every apartment, duplex, condominium, townhome, and house in Austin is going to check four different criteria: 

1. Your income
2. Your rental history
3. Your credit history
4. A criminal background check

If at least one of these is a problem you could get denied and lose your application fee. However,  Austin texas apartments  will interpret each of these criteria slightly differently. That's why working with me is a smart move.

The language of apartments

What does look and lease mean?
These are the specials that Austin texas apartments offer you to get you to fill out an application today. They are often substantial. A month free, $200 off your first month, 2 weeks free, waived application fee, etc... You used to see them all over town. Now the market is hot again and specials are disappearing. All the more reason to use an Austin apartment finder..

The ad said zero deposit! Why do they want $150?
This is the admin fee and almost all Austin Texas apartments charge for it. It varies from place to place.With us or any other Austin apartment locater you get good advice and direction.. 

What is an administration fee?
An apartment Administration fee, is a fee they charge you to handle the processing of your application. It feels exactly like a deposit. Often times you will see 0 deposit $50 admin fee. You have to pay $50 to get in. Admin fees are non-refundable. 

What kind of lifestyle can I expect in an apartment? 
In an A+ property, you might be amazed if you haven't leased for a while. Workout facilities, business centers, theatres, superb apartment maintenance, trash pick-up, and an apartment that is spacious, with ceiling fans, 9 ft ceilings, updated appliances, accent walls and very nice pools are all fairly standard. But remember...location, location, location. Living in a gorgeous apartment in Cedar Park and working downtown or way south may wear on your nerves pretty quick...I mean the commute. In a good B+ property, you may not have all the bells and whistles... but many of these Austin texas apartments have a lot of character, with old oaks all over, and deer grazing 10 feet from your balcony, its a different lifestyle. A good Austin locator understands the psychology behind housing and can help you make that decision, while keeping your commute and budget in mind too.

What is an A property?
Apartments in Austin Tx  are classified A, B, and C. Its not like a report card, but refers to the age of the property. Properties constructed from roughly 1990 andup are considered A properties, If they were built in the 1980's, they are B properties, C properties are from the 60's and 70's. When you're looking for your new home you want to concern yourself not only with the property, but the area as well.Most  if not all C properties don't have w/d connections. But they may be located in a great area like Far West. Most Central Austin  properties do not have w/d connections. 

How much does a two bedroom apartment cost?
Of course there is no exact answer to that, but Austin is broken down into pockets. A two bedroom in the Arboretum or around Brodie will cost you more than a comparable unit on Metric or Wells Branch. Riverside and Rundburg have so many apartments there is always a good deal to be had. In central Austin the closer you get to downtown the more expensive it gets. There are always good deals in Round Rock and Pflugerville. Same goes for Cedar Park and Northwest Austin. Parmer Lane and along Highway 620 have a lot of newer properties and it gets very competitive out there. 

How soon should I start looking? 
That's a tricky question. If your lease is up in 60 days are less, you will want to start yesterday. Call us and we'll get you the best deals and specials on apartments in Austin Texas. If you're  on a 60 day notice and you go to another property that works on 60 day notices... again ...no problem. But if your on a 60 day notice and the property can only hold the unit for 15 to 30 days or so....then its a problem. Remember ...occupancy rates are as high as 98% in many apartments in Austin ,Tx. with 93% to 95% being the norm. That makes getting you what you want competitive. Austin is hot again!!!...and that's bad news for renters. The 60 day notice is now the norm. Any good  Austin apartment locator can help you if your in this situation..
What do I need to bring with me when were looking?
All properties will require identification. For most people that's a driver license or picture ID. If you decide to lease, you will also need your checkbook or a money order to hold the unit. No property will accept cash. Only a very few take credit cards. Most properties ask for 3 paycheck stubs. (see I'm paid in cash) Your rental history is very important to them so make it easy to verify by having your old landlords number handy. Of course they will verify your credit with your social security number. (see I don't have a social security number) That's about it. A good attitude never hurts. 

I put in an application 3 days ago! Why haven't I heard back from them?
Many properties meticulously verify by phone or fax whatever you wrote on your application. They may not be able to get hold of your employer or the last place you rented. Others, especially tax credit properties have a compliance board that they must submit to. Then again... there are properties who can accept you in 10 minutes. If you need to move today or tomorrow

They denied me and they can't even tell me why!
Many apartments in Austin texas use a point system like Saferent or Credit Retriever. When they run your rental application, it will come back to them accept, accept with conditions, or decline. Accept with conditions usually means an extra deposit. They may not know themselves why you were denied. They typically have a 1-800 number to their corporate office which you can call and get the specifics. Be sure and ask for this, as they sometimes forget to mention it.

I changed my mind and they said there keeping my deposit anyway!
The property has the right to keep your rental deposit if they have accepted you, held the unit for you and then you changed your mind. If you are denied, they must refund your rental deposit, but not your application.

They said I didn't give a 60 day notice!
Apartments in Austin, Texas are very strict about this. You must give proper notice and they must know you have given proper notice. Write it, date it, leave a forwarding address and make an extra copy for your records. In spite of the fact you have fulfilled the time on your lease, you could still end up with a broken lease because you didn't give proper notice. Worse still...you could be denied at the next property your looking at. Most properties want you to give notice no later then the 3rd of the month. There are quite a number of properties that make you give a 60 day notice. Be sure you know exactly what the policy is. 

A word about extra rental deposits.
Everybody hates them! But they can get you in many, many times in spite of your situation. The good news is they are totally refundable at the end of your lease. Apartment rental deposits range anywhere from an extra $100 to first and last months rent. Every apartment for rent in Austin, TX will have a different policy regarding deposits and they are subject to change for no particular reason. What properties want is security that you won't default on the rental lease agreement. 

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What Austin apartments are looking for on your application