aouthwest Austin Texas apartments for rent
Northwest Austin 
This area is between Cedar Park and the Arboretum and is basically more affordable than either.  Most of the properties (not all by any means) are Class A and Class B apartments. This area was developed in the early to mid eighties adn 90s and is very convenient to just about anything you might need. All in all its a very good place to live. It's accessible to Round Rock, as a matter of fact, much of it is in the Round Rock school district. If your looking in this area check out the Arboretum, Cedar Park, and Parmer too. 

The Arboretum 
This area is the north version of Southwest Austin. Very nice,extremely convenient... a little pricey, but still more affordable than SW or downtown. The properties were built mostly in the 80's and the early and mid nineties. Credit and income rule here, so you'll need both to qualify. If your world is north of the river you'll definitely want to consider this part of Austin. Its convenient to  360, Mopac and 183 which makes it highly accessible. There are plenty of deer and parks and greenbelts and, and ,and ...well what can I say... its just a great place to live. Excellent schools in this area. If your interested in living around here also check out NW Austin,(a little more affordable) and Farwest. 

The Parmer area is really an extension of 620.  All the properties are new and very nice. Like the 620 area its very competitive and credit and income rule here. This area is kind of like Cedar Park and NW Austin and Round Rock depending on where you are on Parmer. The schools are good and the area is very convenient for shopping and about anything else you want to do. They oftentimes run awesome deals on apartments and there always worth checking out. Parmer is a very long street... so look at Cedar Park, NW Austin and Round Rock if your thinking about living here. 

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The 620 area 
The 620 area is truly a great place to live. Close to the lake and there has been enough development in the last few years to say its convenient to everything... Some extremely nice apartments, with kitchen islands and accent walls, luxury living, unbelievable pools and everything imaginable in terms of coolness. The area was built to appeal to the upscale young people. .. the 620 area is extremely well priced, sometimes ridiculously well priced and highly competitive. This is another area where credit and income rule and they rarely work with anything. You could almost say the area itself is a greenbelt. It's that nice. If you like this area also check out Cedar Park and NW Austin.

Far West 
The Farwest area is another great area. Built mostly in the 60's and 70's its older and has charm. Lots of charm actually. Very importantly, Its on the UT shuttle and this great for students. Its convenient to shopping and just a great place to live. No w/d connections in the 1/1's. But always onsite laundry rooms. Its a little pricey... but much less so than campus. Lots of grad students and professionals live here...nice mix. Farwest also has excellent schools. If you like this area also check out the Arboretum. 

Cedar Park/Leander 
Like the 620 area, Cedar park is basically newer. The town took off in the nineties and there are some very nice apartments here. There are some traffic problems though,but there getting better with the opening of the Hwy 183A tollway. This area along with Leander are continuing to develop. Here you'll find good deals and fair prices. If your looking in this area be sure and check out NW Austin and the 620 area. 

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Southwest Austin 
Next to downtown, Southwest Austin is one of the most expensive areas in town to live in. Some of it is in the Eanes school district, one of the highest and best rated school districts in the nation. A+ properties or B+ properties are kind of meaningless here and you'll find both. If you want to live SW you are looking at a highly desirable area of Austin. Its upscale, convenient, with lots of greenbelts, restaurants and just plain ol' interesting places. You'll need excellent credit along with a strong income to qualify here. If you find this area a little pricey check out Brodie. Also check out downtown Austin if you have plenty of money. 

Brodie (Southwest) 
The Brodie area has many first class A+ properties. That means your credit must be good to excellent to qualify, (75% good at least). Its a little more affordable than SW Austin and is very convenient to downtown. In fact its convenient period. Grocery stores, video stores, restaurants, you name it. Anything you need or want is close-by. Like all areas of Austin it also has some nice B properties which are a little more forgiving on credit. Be sure and check out SW Austin if you like this area. 

Central Austin 
Central Austin is old Austin. Built primarily in the 60's and 70's it's a cross between students, old hippies, and everything in between. This is where "keep Austin weird " originated and rightfully so. Almost none of these properties have w/d connections particularly in the 1/1's. Some places here are better than others and its best to use an Austin apartment locator like one of us who understands management companies. The area itself is both north and south of the river depending on your point of view. Qualifying can be easy or tough. The area is very diverse. The closer you get to downtown the higher the rent. For the most part they're more interested in your income and past rental history than your actual credit. All the properties are old period,... but many of them are interesting. If this is what your looking for check out Farwest and Hydepark too. 

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Metric/Wells Branch area 
The Metric area is another excellent place to live. The properties here are a mix of A+ and definitely B properties. Here you'll find good prices and good value as well. Many units include a w/d in the deal. There are always good specials running as its very competitive. Lots of trees, greenbelts and parks. They will not work with broken leases or background issues here for the most part. Your credit on the other hand can be a whole lot less than perfect. If this area looks good to you, check out Wells Branch too. 

Wells Branch is another good place to live. Its a lot like Metric almost an extension, mostly A+ and definitely B properties. Its a little more expensive then Metric, but they run specials here that can be hard to beat. Wells Branch looks at credit but is more concerned about rental history and backgrounds. Accept of course in the A+ properties... bad credit can get you denied but... it depends on the property! Lets call it a creative area!! Lots of apartments surrounded by a good residential area, a nice greenbelt and parks. A few places will work with a broken lease. If you like this area check out Metric too. 

The Campus area is everything in the immediate vicinity of UT. Basically its a zoo. We don't work this area, neither do most other NW Austin locators... so I'm little help to you on this one. On the other hand there are some good locating companies that specialize in the area. We recommend that you use only those locators who actually know the area. Try these guys they know more about campus than We do. If you want to upgrade call us and lets check out Hyde park, Farwest, and downtown Austin. 

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Pflugerville is a bedroom community, you could call it an extension of Wells Branch. Not a lot of properties here, but some good ones. As for qualifying some are easier than others. Sorry to sound flippant but they're not enough properties here for me to make a call. Some very good schools are located in Pflugerville. If your looking here check out Wells Branch and Round Rock too. 

Round Rock 
Round Rock is a great area to live in, the home of Dell computers and it's a rapidly growing brand spanking new community. There are a lot of nice properties here and good deals to boot. The qualifying here runs the whole spectrum from tough to easy. As for properties you'll find A+, B, tax credit (always nice) and everything in between. Round Rock can be divided into two areas. Around Dell you'll find the newer A+ properties. Around hwy. 79 you'll find the B+ properties. There are good B+ properties between the two as well. Round Rock has a highly rated school system. Wells Branch, Pflugerville and Parmer are some other areas to consider as well as. 

Riverside (Southeast)
This area is the original UT student area and much of it was built in the 60's and 70's. The mix has changed over the years so today there are all kinds of folks living here. Like Central Austin and Rundburg you'll find a huge mix of qualifying criteria in Riverside. Almost all the newer properties here cater either exclusively to students or they're tax credit properties. Tax credit properties are typically very nice and cater to family's. They are income restricted. In other words you can only make so much money to qualify. If you make more your overqualified and will be denied. Riverside is very convenient to downtown and UT. It is also very competitive here and you'll find plenty of good deals and specials. If you like this area be sure and look at Congress, Stassney and William Cannon too. 

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East Austin 
This part of town is huge, diverse and hard to explain from a locators standpoint. Much of it is being revitalized... particularly around downtown and the old airport. Most of the properties (hardly all of them) or located around major thoroughfares like I-35 or 290 and 183. Its a mix of mostly much older properties and some new tax credit properties. Some of these properties work with issues and some don't. Better to call me if you want to live here. The UT shuttle runs through parts of East Austin and many people find living here highly affordable. If you like this area check out Rundberg and Riverside too. 

In the downtown area you will find two different types of properties. Very expensive new properties and moderately expensive older properties. Downtown Austin is a vibrant, wonderful place to live if you can afford it. Needless to say income and credit matter the most here. If you like kayaking ,bicycling, people watching and ...the urban life in general....this is the place for you. Part Chicago, a dose of New Orleans and totally Austin. Great restaurants, great bars, which you can walk to... lets face it downtown Austin is just an awesome place to live. 

Hydepark/ Enfield/ Tarrytown 
This is an exclusive area of central Austin. Some people might say it was the top of the food chain for central Austin. But mostly its older properties, young professionals and lots of students. This area is for the clawfoot bathtub and hardwood floor crowd. Honestly, you wont find a whole lot of that there. But the myth persists. Because it close to downtown its pricey. Its moderately tough on credit and has lots of Urban charm and old Austin funkiness....this area has snap. If you like this area also consider Farwest. 

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Congress/S.First/Manchaca/Slaughter/S.Lamar/William Cannon/Stassney 
These are street names and basically the properties that are on them Its south and its central. It includes the immediate area around downtown and extends to Slaughter lane. There are some newer tax credit properties that have been built in the last few years and some conventional ones too, but mostly its older B+ properties. For the most part they wont work with broken leases or background issues but they can be pretty easy on credit. The closer you get to downtown the more expensive it gets. I include Zilker Park in this area so you really get the flavor of Austin without it costing you an arm and a leg if you chose to live here. There are many very nice properties in this mostly residential area. 

This is sort of the north version of Riverside. Lots and lots of apartments. Very competitive and many good deals and specials. This part of town is probably the easiest area to qualify in. The properties here are all B properties. Each property here is unique from a qualifying standpoint. Credit is usually not a problem. Other issues are oftentimes workable as well. Lots of people like this area and its convenient to virtually anything imaginable in north Austin. Close to I-35 and 183 its very accessible too. Be sure and take a look at Metric if you like this area and don't have any broken leases. 

Footnotes from the field 
Traffic in Austin is getting worse, but If you have ever been to a city like Dallas or Houston you will find that Austin traffic is not that bad. Having said that here's some... by no means all,... rush hour bottlenecks.183 getting into Cedar Park, I35 especially around downtown, Mopac around Wells Branch, rush hour, Mopac both rush hours but one way, Anything close to Dell, Ben White around I35... In other words working downtown and living in Cedar Park may not be worth it to you. Also there is a lot of road construction going on. There will be bottlenecks where this is occurring. 

Update: Mopac is beginning to open it's toll lanes Northbound and Southbound. The tolls will be variable tolls depending on the volume of traffic. It will ease congestion on not only the toll lanes but the free lanes!

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