How to Repair Your Credit for Austin Apartments

This company told me for $500 they could fix my credit! 
I wont go so far as to say those companies are bogus, after all, it is a service, but you can do it yourself for about $30 bucks. Its really very simple! Get your credit report and dispute the negative items on it. By law... the reporting agency has 30 days to contact your disputed claim, if they do not respond back it is automatically removed from your credit. Simple! simple! simple. Be aware though, that if they report it back, it will not be removed from your credit and you'll have to make other arrangements. Also, you may not want to dispute everything at once; they may consider it "frivolous" and not follow up.  There are a number of other sites you can use . If you want to do it by mail, below are the addresses. Remember you get a free credit report from each of the 3 credit reporting agencies starting this year and every year afterwards. YOU HAVE TO ORDER THEM.  Click on this site to order your Free report (s) . (Because of rising identity theft problems, the government allows you to get a free credit report from each of the 3 reporting agencies each year)

Consumer Disclosure Center 
P.O. Box 1000 
Chester, PA 19022 
(800) 916-8800 

Trans Union 
P.O. Box 105873 
Atlanta, GA 30348 
trans union 
(800) 685-1111 

Experian (formerly TRW) 
P.O. Box 2104 
Allen, TX 75013-2104 
(888) 397-3742 

How to fix your credit for free! 
You can receive a free credit report if you have been denied credit in the last 60 days. This includes apartment credit. Make copies of your denial letter and send them off to the credit bureaus above. By law they must send you a free copy of your report. You will want to dispute negative items on it.

Can do this online? 
You sure can. Follow this

I haven't checked my credit in four or five years! 
Depending on where you want to live this can make it a guessing game for apartments in Austin. After all, I don't know what is on your credit report either. Newer properties are going to look very closely at your credit. Older properties will be more interested in your rental history and background so it may not be that much of a problem if your credit is marginal. Sometimes properties will run a zero application promotion. But before they run it they may ask you to put down your deposit (see I changed my mind but there keeping my deposit anyway) Starting this year everyone will get a free credit report once a year. Be sure and bring it with you when we go looking. 

How long does it take to dispute items on my credit? 
If your looking for  Austin apartments  to rent today, repairing your credit is not really an option. Thirty to forty-five days is about what it takes to dispute your credit and remember you may have to do it more than once to have negative items removed. So, basically we work with what we have. In the long run cleaning up your credit is important to you, simple to do, and will make your life and mine a lot easier. 

2012 UPDATE: 
Fixing your credit is one of the most important things you can do to help yourself. It's so simple to do. Remember...dispute didn't do it period. From a practical standpoint big corporations like Mastercard or Visa or Verizon type companies will answer back and it will not be removed. Everything else is fair game. 

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