2019 UPDATE :
With the tightening of the  apartment market, we don't know of many apartments that will work with tenants with felonies against a person or property less than 7-10 years old!

We can still find apartments for those with misdemeanors

I have a misdemeanor! 
Most  Austin apartments are very strict about crimes against people (assault) or crimes against property. There are only a few properties that will work with Class A misdemeanors. (see individual owners). Many Austin apartments will not work a drug offense. You could be denied for having these type of offenses. Remember, some properties will not accept any drug offenses at all. By the way, no Austin apartment will work with a sex related offense. 

I have a couple of misdemeanors! 
Remember, Austin apartments don't like crimes against property or persons. You could be denied even with one misdemeanor. Several misdemeanors can be a real headache. The way your charge reads can also bite you. Call us and be specific about the misdemeanors. Apartments in Austin like to know "how long ago". 

I have an adjudicated felony! 
An adjudicated felony is considered by the vast majority of     apartments  in Austin the same way a felony is ... an automatic denial. There are a few properties, nice properties, that will work with you. 

I have a felony! 
Very few, almost none of the  properties in Austin work with felonies . Broken leases and felonies are the number one reason for denials. Some properties will work with older felonies or felonies that are non-violent. DUI for instance or theft by check. Some properties  will work with you if the offense, including probation, are 10 years old.

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Call 512-258-5200 for properties that will work with a misdemeanor.

I have a felony that is 7 to 10 years old! 
You should consider getting it expunged. There are a number of Austin  apartments that put a time limit on your offense, usually 5, 7, or 10 years.  

I have a twenty year old felony! 
If it shows up you can be automatically denied. There are of course properties in Austin that will work with you. But most of them won't. The rule of thumb is any felony that shows up is an automatic denial. There are properties out there that that have an expiration on felonies. That is after 7 or 10 years including probation some communities might overlook the felony. Some of these properties are very nice. 

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Austin Apartments and Your Background
Austin Apartments and Your Background