What are my rights as a tenant! 
Much of this comes from the Austin Tenants Council web page. We are not  attorneys, nor do we give legal advice. This will give you and idea what your rights are, as well as the properties rights
Eviction Process - Information about the legal process a landlord must use to evict a tenant. 

Landlord's Lien - Describes the only circumstances in which a landlord can take a tenant's personal property. 

Lockout - It's not an eviction. How a tenant can get back into the rental unit. 

Locks and Other Security Devices - Information on re-keying door locks, what locks are required, etc. 

Repairs - What the landlord is required to do, and how a tenant can enforce rights for repairs. 

Security Deposits - How to get them back. Download a security deposit demand letter! 

Utility Shut-off - When and how a landlord can shut them off and how to get them re-established. 

Small Claims Court - Have to take legal action? Learn more about going to small claims court. 

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The rights of tenants in austin texas
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Austin apartments and your rights as a tenant