Austin Tx apartment management companies do a very good job maintaining their properties. Here are some tips in helping mantain your apartment unit.

Garbage Disposal 
Never put shellfish or potato peelings in the garbage disposal. Use caution with rags, bottle caps, silverware, etc. that may cause the disposal to stop working. 

For Immediate Assistance 
Call 512-258-5200
Toll Free 888-217-5200
call anytime including evenings and weekends 

If you have mechanical or plumbing issues, always call your apartment management company!

Do not flush anything other than toilet paper down the commode. DO NOT USE CLEANERS/DEODORIZERS THAT ARE INSERTED INTO THE TANK the rubber flapper will rot to prevent stopped drains remove hair from tub & sink drains. 

If you should have a plumbing stoppage or leak: 
  • Use a plunger & Drano to try and unclog the stoppage yourself. 
  • Check to see if the chain is loose or has fallen off the inside of the toilet tank & replace it. 
  • Remove any foreign objects & keep water mopped up until maintenance arrives. 

A/C & Heating 
It is mandatory that you change your filter on a monthly basis failure to do so can be quite costly. A properly functioning air conditioner will cool to about 15 - 20 cooler than the intake temperature. Leave your a/c on during the day just turn it up to 80 while you're out . . . turning the unit off completely will have you coming home to a smoldering apartment and may take all evening before it cools off it is also more energy efficient and could save you money! 

Washer & Dryer 
  • Keep your dryer lint trap clean with each load. Make sure you are not overloading your machines. 
  • If your Washer or Dryer stops working: 
  • Check the exhaust pipe behind the dryer if it is crimped it will not dry. 
  • Check the lint trap if it is full it will not dry. 
  • Make sure your washing machine is balanced they can become unbalanced as a result of overloading them. A balanced washer will spin and clean better. 

Only use soap specifically sold for use in the dishwasher. Never stop your dishwasher mid-cycle. Always rinse your dishes thoroughly excess food can cause plumbing stoppages. 

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