Apartments in Austin vs Duplexes
They're are advantages and disadvantages to both styles of living. Some people will simply not live in an apartment. Other people can not or will not pay all the deposits. Everyone's needs are unique. There are many things offered by apartments that you cant find in a duplex in Austin and vice versa.

Austin Apartment Positives:
Mostly maintenance free
Much lower move in and good incentives (specials)
Less expensive rent  (that is starting to change)
Often newer and nicer, more contemporary
Many more amenities pools, Jacuzzis, resident parties, etc
Lower utility bills
Pet friendly
Have 1 bedrooms
Flexible lease terms

Austin Apartment Negatives:
No yard
No garage (many have garages... they are extra)
Neighbors on top of you, the crazy ones... not the nice ones
Harder to qualify
Not exactly a home

Duplexes in Austin Positives:
Yard (that's huge)
Garage (that's huge)
"Can" be easier to qualify in

Duplexes in Austin Negatives:
Expensive to move in...high deposits, usually no specials
Higher utility bills, older HVAC
Higher pet deposits
If not professionally afraid ...very afraid!
12 month leases usually required
0 amenities
So now you know...think about it and call me at 512-914-9221.

All duplexes, town homes and houses are located north. Metric, Parmer, Wells Branch, Far west, Duval and the Arboretum areas only. There is a $35 application fee (non-refundable) and the deposits will vary. They require okay credit, good rental and especially income. They may work with issues that are older. Get your free credit report, then see more information on these areas, and more information on what landlords look for.

Call 512-914-9221
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