In theory this is a great idea. Have the residents of the property rate where they  have lived and post it on the Internet  for the world to see. Sounds like a good idea to me! In reality it has become more like sour grapes. Happy tenants seldom post and  angry tenants post every 15 minutes and they do so anonymously. The fact of the matter is, with a few exceptions, apartments are neither good nor bad. The area of town and where the property is located, is what's important  to you. The management company is what's important to you.  The types of people who live around the community, as well as in it,  are what's important to you. Yes, there are some crappy apartments out there and yes, I've leased them all.  Unless your in an absolutely desperate situation,  you don't need to worry about seeing them with me, because I wont show them. This is another good reason to work with me or Austin apartment locators like us. I have an intimate knowledge of these properties that I can't explain here partly because of Fair Housing laws, but mostly  because it has to do with being an experienced locator and understanding what your real concerns are without you having to articulate them.  

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