Austin Texas Apartment Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take you to find me an apartment home?

A. Only about 1 to 3 hours. 
After using our online database to research and narrow your options to a manageable few, we can  look at photos. prices & floor plans  check availability for your time frame to cut the list to the top 2 - 4 communities to view.  We will then escort you to or meet you to view the apartments & answer any questions you may have. 

Q. Is there a charge for your service?

 No. We provide a  totally free service to you much like a Realtor does. We are Texas real estate agents licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). We are in effect the apartment communities marketing arm in that they pay us out of their marketing budget . In fact, We will save you money because we keep up on all the apartment specials and the best matches for you based on your specilfications.Additionally, our services will have no effect on your rent amount! Federal Fair Housing laws requires that everyone be given the opportunity to lease at the same rental rate. We cannot negotiate you a "better rate", but we can certainly find you the best deals in town!

Q. Can you help me pre-lease an apartment to be ready when I move to Austin?

A.  Yes.  We do that quite often for our customers. We can advise you on the apartments, Austin neighborhoods, commute times, school districts, rental rates and move-in specials, etc. We will show you photos, floorplans, and often times 360 degree views of the apartments. This way you will feel comfortable with your apartment choice and secure in your move without a costly apartment hunting trip.

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A. What lease terms do the apartments offer?

A. 12 to 13 month leases are  standard but many have a 6 to 7 month minimum. Usually there are lower rents for a longer leases and/or two weeks or a month free on a 12 to 13 month lease but not on a shorter term.

A. What if I need a  6 month lease or shorter?

Some apartment communities offer a three or four month lease, but it will cost you $100-250/month extra per month. 

Depending on your situation,  it is often better to find a cheaper six month lease since the premium on a 3 month lease causes you to pay the equivilent of 4 1/2 to 5 months rent. If you must  have a three or four month lease, you will be limited but we can find you the ones with the smallest upcharges.

If you need a month to month or two- or three month lease, an option for you might be corporate apartments which are fully furnished and include utilities, telephone, etc. They are also expensive: one bedrooms are $1800-2300, two bedrooms $2200-2600, and three bedrooms are $2600-3500/month

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Q. Will apartments In Austin take a credit card?

A. Some apartments in the Austin area are starting to take credit and/or debit cards. We know of a couple of management companies who manage apartments that will honor them. All of the properties will take a personal check, even if it is from out of state, but they cannot take cash. If you don't have a checking account, they will accept a money order.

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Austin Texas Apartment Common Questions

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Austin Texas Apartment Frequently Asked Questions
View photos, specials & floor plans of Austin Texas apartments